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Music Lessons are given in our store. Lesson times are scheduled by the instructor.

Learn to play DRUMS!

Drum and Percussion Instruction: By Randy Sage

Randy has 25 years experience, including High School Orchestra, Marching and Jazz Bands. Member of several road bands including 1st Runner Up in Segrams Battle of the Bands at Nashville Tennessee 1982. Back up band with Ozark Mountain Daredevils, Rare Earth, and Alabama. Recorded projects in Nashville TN, Billings MT, and Denver CO. Currently active with Lessons, Recording Projects, Worship Band at Grace Community Church and Occasional Shows with local and Other Artists.

Lessons: I believe that music lessons of any kind should be something that children would not only want to learn but also have fun with and love doing. With that in mind, I have put together a two year program (outlined below) that will give the student the basic knowledge and skills needed in playing drums for most musical situations (Gigs). For Advanced Students there is also a one year, or third year, program that is available upon request. Lessons are tailored to individual students according to their ability and progress.

All lessons are taught on and applied to a Full Drum Set.

Year One:
1. Basic Grip and Stick Control
2. Basic Rock Beats
3. Essential Rudiments as applied to drum set.
4. Basic Theory, Quarter Notes and Eighth Notes in 4/4 Time Signature
5. Basic Drum Fills
6. Basic Playing by Ear (Learning to Hear Music)

Year Two:
1. Advanced Rock Beats, Syncopated Rhythms
2. Advanced Drum Fills, 16 th and 32 nd Notes
3. Common Odd Time Signatures, 2/4, 3/4, 6/8, etc.
4. Advanced Rudiments around the drums
5. Advanced Playing by Ear (Learning to Feel the Music)
6. Live Playing and Recording Experience

Cost per Half Hour Lesson: Call for pricing. Monthly or Weekly payments.
Call for scheduling

Learn to play GUITAR!

Guitar Instruction: with Ben Rice

More information coming soon. Newberg Music Center would like to welcome Ben Rice as our new guitar instructor. Come in and sign up for lessons

Cost per Half Hour Lesson: Call for pricing. Monthly or Weekly payments.
Call for scheduling

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